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Airbrush tattoos use a stencil to create a realistic looking temporary tattoo. The designs last around a week but can be quickly removed with some rubbing alcohol or baby oil. Thousands of designs to choose from, our airbrush tattoo artist can give you a design to fit almost any look you want from a scary skull to a pretty butterfly. Our artist doesn’t simply put on a stencil and fill in the design with ink. Our guy uses multiple colors, blending colors to create rainbow, tie-dye and other effects.  Airbrush Tattoos are WATER-PROOF! So they are an excellent choice for a pool or beach party. Plus they are not just for kids. You have no idea how many grown-ups will ask for an airbrush tattoo just to “try out” how they would look with a permanent one.

Airbrush Tattoos
Even adults love Airbrush Tattoos. Here are three moms at a pool party who got matching ankle tats.
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