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Balloon Workshop
Is easy and it’s fun
This program consists of a ten minute power point slide show that traces face painting from ancient Egypt up to modern day party face painting as the kids know it now. The text explains the various historical reasons people paint their faces, i.e. camouflage for hunting, as a means of intimidation for battle, to honor or show allegiance to a group or tribe etc.,up to painting our faces just for fun. After the presentation the kids can have their faces painted. They pick from a selection of historic and/or international face designs such as the ones they saw in the show. 

This program is an excellent way to introduce the kids to the customs of other cultures and shows the similarities between other cultures and our own. The narration and pace of the show are lively with bits of information explaining words such "aborigine" and "kabuki." And humorous, pointing out things like the origin for the name Outback as in the restaurants and where KISS got the idea for their famous look. 

This one hour program would work well with children from pre-school up to 2nd or 3rd grade and one painter can accommodate a group of up to 20 children.
Fancy Faces by Kathy has programs that are fun for the kids but slip-in a little education while nobody’s looking. We offer a Balloon Workshop and The History of Face Painting Program.
The Balloon workshop has a hands-on demonstration of how to make some balloon animals and gives the kids supplies to make their own balloon creations. But, in addition to fun and entertainment, the concepts of air pressure and volume are explained via the balloons, and the kids love it. 

We also have a Power-Point slide show with live narration that gives the History of Face Painting. The program explains how face painting was used throughout history for various reasons. It goes from early Egyptian Art, around the world and over the years right up to the face painting of rock groups like KISS. After the slide presentation, the kids are allowed to pick from a selection of face painting designs based on what they just saw in the show.

Both of these programs can be adjusted to fit any age group. We’ve done them at schools, town libraries and scout troops. But, having a semi-educational program at your private party is a nice idea that many parents would really appreciate
The History of 
Face Painting

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